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What does Cadeson manufacture "in house"?
We design and manufacture everything ourselves including drum shells, rims, lugs, hardware, cymbals, and accessory items. The only item not made by Cadeson are the drum heads, which are Remo. We feel that designing and making our own products gives us a higher means of quality control.
What is the difference in models for Cadeson?

Our models have different shell types and lug designs. Our custom lug designs are shown on the web pages for each model. We offer 3 shell styles:

(1) "Studio" shells. A hybrid 3 ply thinner shell with a 1 ply reinforcement hoop at each bearing edge, This shell has a very warm, rounded tone. Another pleasing result is that the drums do not "choke" at different volumes or pitch ranges. You can tune them low for rock or fusion, or tune them highter for jazz and they still breathe. Studio shells are used for "Soundscape" and "Studio" models.

(2 )6 ply maple shells. The industry standard. 6 ply Maple shells have a focused, louder sound that is applicable to many types of playing styles. Our models include "Impact" series, R Class, M Class, and "Twist" series. The different size options are shown on each web page.

(3) Basswood shells. Basswood is used as an economical alternative to maple shells. The sound of this shell type has been described as having lots of attack, "punchy" and bright. These shells are found in our "Stadium" and DA series.

What about a warranty?
Cadeson has a warranty period of 2 years on all of our drums and hardware. Contact your Cadeson dealer regarding return authorization.
Why are the list prices for Cadeson so much lower than the comparable items from others?
Since Cadeson manufactures everything in house, this avoids the nasty O.E.M. price mark up that typically gets passed on to the consumer. For example, most other drum companies buy shells elsewhere, they don't make their own! The hype of price vs. workmanship has given consumers the wrong impression. In other words folks, it just doesn't cost that much to make quality wood shells and hardware!
I see different cymbals from Cadeson, what's up?
Cadeson has a student line of cymbals, which are the stamped type.
These are meant for beginners only. Our pro series, "Original", "Rock", and "Jazz", are hand made Turkish type cymbals.
Are custom colors or sizes available?
Yes! Contact us regarding your wishes and we can give you an idea if it is possible. We need a longer leading time to process custom size orders. Our finishes are our own designs, so certain color options may not be possible (or pleasing to the eye if you want bright pink...).
Endorsement - My garage band "Gnarly Charlie" is the best rock band ever in a million years, and I can play 345715897 single strokes in less than a minute...how can I get endorsed by Cadeson?
OK, seriously, you can contact one of our USA endorsees, Chris Wabich at: accpe@juno.com Chris will E mail or snail mail you our endorsee application form and other information for submission. From there, endorsee application packets will be compiled and reviewed by a committee selected by Cadeson. We will contact you if we are filling one of our endorsement positions. There is a lot of interest in our products, and we are seeking pro players who are most active in performing, touring, and recording on labels with national/international distribution.
Are add-on toms available to the catalog models?
Of course. If possible, it is best to get all of the sizes you need at the same time. That way, we can match the wood grain pattern of your shells.
My modem is shot and the JPEGs of the kits look fuzzy. Can I get a catalog?
Absolutely. E mail us and we will get one right out to you. Then with the money you saved buying a Cadeson set, you will have lots of cash to buy a new modem!
For getting a new catalog, please contact your nearest distributor. If you are not in the region of Cadeson distribution, please feel free to contact us.
Where can I find Cadeson products?
A list of Cadeson dealers will be available soon. Keep watching for updates and more.